Do Smell Proof Bags Really Work?

The question is, Do Smell Proof Bags like the ones we include with all of your orders, really hide any smell you might want to contain? The answer, Yes.

How do Smell Proof Bags Work?

To understand if smell proof bags work, you first need to understand how smell proof bags work. There are different methods to lock in smell within a bag or pouch that is odor proof. A common misconception is that you need an airtight herb jar, mason jar or container in order to seal in smelly scents. However, in 2020, this couldn't be further than the truth.


What Exactly is a Smell Proof Bag?

A smell proof bag is a container designed to suppress or eliminate the odor within. It is typically the most effective means of locking in the smell of various smoking accessories such as vaporizers, papers, glass and more.

Why do I need Odor Proof Storage Containers?

Smell is such a fascinating thing! Our brain adapts to smells that we consider nonthreatening which is why we get used to the smells within our home, room or car.

The problem is, when someone walks into an environmental smell that you are already used to, the foul smell can hit them pretty hard. This means your friends, customers, husbands, wives, kids or dogs will likely be offended by the scent. STOP OFFENDING PEOPLE and get yourself a smell proof bag today!

Why can't I just use a plastic sandwich bag with zipper?

Ordinary sandwich style bags are not designed to be smell proof. Ziploc, Glad and other plastic zip bags are excellent products for their intended use which is to temporarily store snacks or food. Will a Scent Proof Bag or Case work in my Car?

Absolutely! Smell Proof Products are great for travel and are great for the use in the car. If you carpool, or are a ride share, Uber, or Lyft user then a smell proof bag is a must have! Our bag is perfect because Cars are such a confined space and they can start to hold some unwanted smells pretty quickly and easily.